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Friday, April 10, 2009

Massive Black REVERIE

Bunch of speedies made on the spot in Dallas, or at the airport (this is becoming a habit!).
Had a lot of fun, a lot of drinks, and met with a lot of old farts from the industry.
Still working in L.A, was last night at art center to check the student's work, great stuff all around. Preparing the EXODYSSEY signing party too (7th and 9th of May)! Just bought a roll of paper to print what will be presented at the exhibition, and I just got a phone call from DSP telling me that the books will be on amazon next week, and that they are already available on the east coast!! Soooo close!


Fernando Acosta said...

Hi David,
That is great news!! I didn't know you had a blog and I was just googling for "Exodyssey" when I ran into your post.

I've already added the book to my amazon basket. Can't wait to finally see it.

Nice sketches, seems like you guys had a great time in Dallas.

Thanks for sharing!!

vyle-art said...

Hi Fernando!
Yes, we have been waiting for that book way too long too... Dallas was fun indeed :)
Just browsed your blog, cool studies.

Fernando Acosta said...

Hi David,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you liked the studies.

I'll drop by again and let you know my thoughts on Exodyssey, once I get it from amazon. Can't wait!

Thanks again.