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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dedicated to my dad

My dad used to be an avid sailor. My memory of him will always be adorning a red sailing gear, smoking a cigarette in a storm with a big smile. I remember being a kid, we were going through a rough sea around "les bouches du Rhone" and I was petrified with fear. I kept imagining what it would be like if the boat capsized, or if something suddenly broke like the mast or the rudder. In general I was an anxious kid, and fear would just exacerbate sea sickness. In many ways, sailing became a remedy for my shyness, anxiety and lack of confidence.
For many years on, we did not talk or get along, until he announced me he was sick. We did one last trip together sailing in the Mediterranean sea and laid our battles to rest.
Few years ago, when he passed away, his ashes were being thrown in the same sea. I sometimes wonder if in some way he has become one with his favorite place.
This image is dedicated to my dad.