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Friday, January 16, 2009

L.A land!

Working like crazy, but also enjoying the sun, the beach, cycling, Snowboarding and other L.A fun stuff to do! I hate the driving, but I am spoiled as I do not really have to experience the highways much...
So far the experience here has been pretty amazing, and a nice change from videogames after almost 14 years. I have met a bunch of artists, amazingly talented which helped me feel at home here, even for a frenchie :) Thanks to all of you, you know who you are.

I had not lived close to the sea since I left my hometown in Montpellier France many years ago, and it feels like it was not that long ago, although the grey hair prove me wrong... I send a thought to all my friends in Montreal, France, Austin, Dallas: happy new year to everyone! I miss y'all!