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Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Prometheus storyboards

Here are some frames created for Prometheus. Mostly from the intro, and some unpublished ones too of shots that will probably never see the light of day. Neville Page is the creator of the Engineer creature design.


Kait K. said...

hmm...well, i respect you guys a lot. but at the same time, this movie is so huge, maybe is not wise to show your work.
If you just have your name in the credits, it says much more...

I wish the best.

Ryan Ingram said...

I'm pretty sure mr. Levy knows what he is doing. He has been doing this for awhile.

David Levy said...

Kait>> Thanks for the advice!
Ryan>> ;)

Dwayne said...

David, I love your work and I think I speak for many when I say I look forward to seeing more of your work on Prometheus.

This is incredible and I actually wish we had seen this setup in the film instead.

David Levy said...

Dwayne>> I know that there will be a director's cut, with more stuff. Who knows, some of it may come up! Looking forward to the director's cut anyway.

Ian Jun Wei Chiew said...

Fantastic work David!

Eduardo Pena Chinorino said...

it;s really sad that this scenes never appear in the movie,,, it contains a very deep symbolism as structured messages. :)

Anonymous said...

Great work. I was sad to see that the artbook didn't have any individual artist credits. I know any film like this involves a lot of collaboration, but it's still nice to see which designer did what on their various personal blogs :)

Billy George said...

Awesome David! Love seeing those.

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