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Friday, April 13, 2012


Very happy to see some of the work we did within the incredible art department for Prometheus finding itself online through their viral campaign. Very impressive to see how Fox is taking the release of that movie so seriously, and it is an extremely rewarding feeling to see the full use of the art department's work meshed well within marketing. Quite rare. You can also view on there of the incredible work of Ben Procter, Steven messing and other teamsters.
Can't wait to see this movie! Prometheus is directed by Ridley Scott, and the production design is by Arthur Max.


Thomas Salonga said...

what studio was the concept art done at, just curious? I totally dig the work done for this one and Tron. I hope to see more things done for motion pictures in the years to come!

David Levy said...

As usual for a movie, the concept art is done on a freelance basis, the movie studio was 20th Century Fox. On Tron a lot of the Steambot guys were hired. On Prometheus, it was Ben Procter and Steven Messing who are freelancers.

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