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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Talk at PIXAR: the experts series

April 23, 2011, Pixar Animation Studios.
I will be giving a talk next week in San Francisco about the work done on Tron Legacy. This even is Presented by the Visual E!ects Society (VES) and Ex’pression College.
If you want to have more details, please RSVP to Millie Li
The talk will be followed by a projection of Tron Legacy.


Tonic said...

In these moments, I wish I'd live in USA :(

Any plans to make online talk videos? TED talks has come to my minds, they have a lot of interesting talk videos and have a pretty big group of transcribers - large part of videos have subtitles in dozens of languages. Maybe..? ;) I I'd love to hear some of your talks.

vyle-art said...

Love the TED series!!! Not sure I am worthy yet :P

Carolyn said...

This is amazing! Love the TED series too!

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vyle-art said...

Hey Carolyn, is there a way to avoid advertising in your comments, or are you just a spam bot?....

Jaynatopia said...

really enjoyed the talk David, some really good advice and it was nice meeting you!

vyle-art said...

Jaynatopia>> thx for the kind comment! It was nice meeting you too, wishing you the best with the TAD classes!