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Friday, January 16, 2009

L.A land!

Working like crazy, but also enjoying the sun, the beach, cycling, Snowboarding and other L.A fun stuff to do! I hate the driving, but I am spoiled as I do not really have to experience the highways much...
So far the experience here has been pretty amazing, and a nice change from videogames after almost 14 years. I have met a bunch of artists, amazingly talented which helped me feel at home here, even for a frenchie :) Thanks to all of you, you know who you are.

I had not lived close to the sea since I left my hometown in Montpellier France many years ago, and it feels like it was not that long ago, although the grey hair prove me wrong... I send a thought to all my friends in Montreal, France, Austin, Dallas: happy new year to everyone! I miss y'all!


Billy George said...

miss you man! Great piece. Get the LA thing out of your system and come back to Austin.

vyle-art said...

Hahahahaha!!! I miss you too!! Go to Rudy's for me please :( and sacrifice a good lean brisket in my memory : /

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

i love this one :]

Jason Scheier said...

Hi David,

It's great to see some new work here on your blog! Looking forward to the Steam Teams book!

Happy New Year!

xav said...

C'est le grand saut on dirait pour Steambot !!! Happpy neew yeaaaaaar David!!
je vais ouvrir une bonne bouteille de bordeaux et boire un canon à votre santé devant un Mont d'or fondant à souhait!!
J'espère que l'on va bientôt se croiser sur Montréal ou ailleurs Mec!! ... j'espère faire bientôt mes valises... +++

rainart said...

Good to see you sweety :)
Add on my blogus.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! A blog at last !Great to see you posting finally .

Welcome to L.A .

Love this one - nice and desolate .

Vladimir Bursać said...

Great blog Vyle!
Your art is really outstanding...very strong.
I like it very much.

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize you moved here... Looking forward to seeing your show next month!